There are so many ways to tell someone that you approve, like, love, or are proud of them. 

What is your favorite “praise phrase”?

“Somehow it always seems that  we use the same phrases.  I didn’t believe this, until one year when I was teaching high school my picture appeared in the Year Book.  It was a photo of me with a huge smile… so far so good… my hand raised in apparent delight… again, so far so good and then the caption… “Wonderful!  Wonderful!!”.  It was then that I realized, that phrase was used BY ME for everything that pleased me.  I dug out a list of ways to praise your child that  I used when teaching self esteem.  I began to explore other ways to praise my students and my children.  What is your favorite “praise phrase?”  Do you mix them up or do you have a  catch-all.  I challenge you to expand your horizons and think of more ways than on the list. I know you will do “wonderfully!””
Below is a list from the book:  Miraculous, Magical, Moments in Minutes: 
 Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share by Becky Baxa.
(available in paperback or kindle addition from 
Which phrases do you use?  Do you find yourself using the same old phrase for everything? 
What new ones would you like to add to your “praise vocabulary”?




WOW     Way to go     Super     You sure are special     Outstanding     Excellent     Great
Good     Neat     Well done     Remarkable     I knew you could do it     I’m PROUD of you
Fantastic     Super star     Beautiful     Nice work     Looking good     You’re on top of it
Positively 100%     Beautiful     Now you’re flying     You’re spectacular     You are important
You tried hard     You make me happy     You’ve got a friend     You make me laugh
You brighten my day     I respect you     That’s correct     You’re a JOY     You’re a treasure
You’re wonderful     You’re catching on     Now you’ve got it     You’re incredible     Bravo
You’re fantastic     Hurray for you     You’re on target     Nice     Terrific     How smart     Good job
That’s incredible     Hot dog     Dynamite     You’re beautiful     You’re unique     Bingo     
Good for you     I like you     You’re a winner     Remarkable job     Beautiful work     Spectacular
You care     That’s perfect     Awesome     A+ job     You’re OK     My buddy     You made my day
That’s the best     Give them a  hug     A giant kiss     Fantastic job      You’re darling    
You’re precious     Great discovery     You’ve discovered the secret     You figured it out
Fantastic job     Hip, hip, hurray     Nothing can stop you now     Magnificent    Marvelous
You’re on your way now     You mean the world to me     Phenomenal     Exceptional
You’re a real trooper     You’re real responsible     You learned it right     You are exciting
What an imagination     What a good listener     You are fun     You’re growing up
Beautiful     You are important     You mean a lot to me     Say, I LOVE YOU!    
A nod, smile combo     A SMILE!     EYE CONTACT with all of the above!
Go through the list and mark your favorites. 
Can you think of your own to add?
There are 97 phrases listed. 
 Can you think of 3 more to make it 100?
Let me know what you come up with!

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