1-2-3 JUMP! The Fun of Raking Leaves.

Have you heard the expression, “Many Hands Make Light Work”? This is such a true statement and the reason our family owned four pitchforks. For you see, even though the kids grumbled going to the barn to clean stalls, we always ended up having lots of fun together and everyone was smiling when we left […]

Hugs All Around!

To help boost the self esteem of your children and spouse, here are some thoughts on hugs.    This excerpt was taken from the book, Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:  Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share by Becky Baxa (available in paper back and Kindle edition from Amazon.com)  The Wonderful […]

I Love You…Let Me Count the Ways

There are so many ways to tell someone that you approve, like, love, or are proud of them.  What is your favorite “praise phrase”? “Somehow it always seems that  we use the same phrases.  I didn’t believe this, until one year when I was teaching high school my picture appeared in the Year Book.  It […]

The Value of a Smile- Smile Coupons

Let’s continue on with last week’s blog entry.  After all, the simple smile is probably the fastest, easiest thing you can do, yet it is often them most overlooked in our hurry up, electronic, screen based society.   Here is a quote from one of my favorite books.  🙂   “Smiles are such an amazing, wonderful thing. […]

Smile Break

Food for Thought   Have you looked into your spouse &/or child’s eyes and SMILED at them today? Watch their face light up as you make a heart connection.   How about this question? Have you had a one-on-one conversation with each family member today? Not the kind where you tell them to wash up […]