Teach kids how to take their pulse.
This is a fun and fascinating thing to learn, as well as a valuable life skill.
Kids feel the wonder and excitement with this new knowledge and it makes them feel grown up.
How to take your pulse

Your pulse can be found on the inside of your wrist or on the side of your neck.  Gently press two finders to one of these spots.  Do not use your thumbs, as your thumb has its own pulse.  Count each time you feel a beat, timing your pulse for 15 seconds.  Take this number and multiply by four.

Take a challenge:

Now run in place and take your pulse again.  What happened to your heart rate?

Try taking your pulse before and after a walk or bicycle ride.  Ask children to make predictions.

Younger children can learn some facts about their heart; plus the concept that more work causes our heart to pump, or work harder.  The older child will learn some physiology and how the body functions as well as getting to practice a few math skills!

source:  WebMD
source:  www.aclsnational.com

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