Try this great idea from the website: Hands On: As We Grow

Numbers and Alphabet – Travel through a giant maze made with masking tape. Find the end by following the numbers or letters. Sing the alphabet song, or count in order.  Make up your own song with numbers or letters to find your path to the end. 
How do I get from home to ?   Label the tape with name of streets/roads in your community or state. Use the maze as a way of following directions.  Pretend you are traveling from Grandma’s house or school etc. and are driving home. This can be done with a play vehicle or walking.
Community -Use the maze as a town grid, creating a city with blocks. Drive on the maze “roads”. Add trees (twigs stuck in clay or play dough), flowers (silk or real)  and small plastic animals.  Design your city to match your neighborhood.  “Drive” around with small play vehicles and “visit” neighbors, local businesses and places of fun.  Don’t forget the park and local pool (small plastic container with water) or beach (cake pan with sand).  Add construction sites and farms.  Let your imagination go.  This community could provide months of play. Set it up in an area that can be left up for creative, continuous and expansive play each day.

blocks activity for preschoolers

If you are leaving the tape on the floor for longer than just one play time, the blue painter’s tape is best. It comes off easily and doesn’t usually leave a sticky residue behind.  If leaving it on the floor for an extended period of time I would make sure it is not in direct sun.
Who would think that a simple roll of masking tape could create so much fun?  I have a feeling this is only the start of fun with masking tape!

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