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No one pretends, or has a more vivid imagination than a child!

Today, why don’t you take  a trip on a magic carpet?  Any carpet rectangle, rug or even a towel (beach or regular) will do.

Pack a bag with the things you will need for your trip.  The items will depend on where you are going. 

Don’t forget the binoculars (made from toilet paper tubes, rubber banded together.) and your “camera”(a block or old phone may serve this need).  Throw in a map (one you have made yourself or an old map), plus a few snacks and away you go.

Maybe it is a short trip and you don’t need anything to travel to your dream place.  If so, have a seat, close your eyes and let the “trip” begin!  What do you see?  Are there people, animals, houses, cars?  What do you hear and smell?  Does the air feel different?  Is it hot or cold?  Windy?  Is the ride bumpy, smooth, rolling?  Make sure you fasten your seat belt and hold on for the ride!

You might want to use your magic carpet to notice all the things in the room that you haven’t noticed .  Sometimes we rush through our daily routines so fast, that little things are overlooked.  Has that silk plant always sat in the corner?  Do you always have 5 pillows on the couch?  Did you know you were “decorating” with a spider web in the corner?  🙂 

As always, let the experts in creativity and imagination be your guide.  Listen and follow your child’s lead, let yourself travel back to the joys of childhood and have fun!

Happy “traveling”!

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