Have you ever wondered why some toys end up in the bottom of the toy box after a few days or even hours of play?  And then, there are toys that your kids play with for years? They may even enjoy them after they become adults!
These activities are called open-ended
they open themselves up to play,creativity and diversity at many ages. 
Example:  Blocks are a timeless toy that have enlighten children for years.
Think of the evolution of block playing:
  The infant holds it, mouths it and drops it.
The toddler may stack and knock down blocks.
The preschool child makes lines and towers.
The school-age child develops roads and cities and buildings.
Tweens may create giant forts and complicated structures.
Blocks are a great open-ended activity!
Open ended activities/toys are simple, uncomplicated and adaptable. 
 They allow children within a wide age range to play,
but play in a different way depending on the child’s age.

Ages 3 to 83 (A span of four generations –Daddy is missing in the photo)
enjoying an afternoon of bubbles.

A few open-ended activities:

play dough
empty cardboard boxes
“I just LOVE it when mom brings home a cardboard box!”

                                          It looked like Grandpa was having as much fun as his 2 year old grandson!

What other ideas come to mind?

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