Jar of Gumballs Costume

I thought it was a grand idea!  It was quick, easy, inexpensive and most of all fun!   I had seen the idea in a magazine and was eager to try it out.  Although it wasn’t the best traveling costume,  I felt it was worth the inconvenience.  This was twenty five years ago, but my son […]

Water Balloons!

The sun is blazing, it is hot outside.  The kids are bored and it is too hot to think about doing anything!  Now is the PERFECT time to pull out a bag of balloons,  put on your swim suits and have a family water fight!  Recently, I volunteered for Vacation Bible School. The first couple […]

Having a Blast With Balloons!

BALLOON FUN    Today’s post is an excerpt from the book:  Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:  Over 500 Quick Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share  by Becky B. Baxa   No matter what your age, balloons are fun.   Balloons are fun to play with, look at and create with. We know we can […]