Today’s post is an excerpt from the book:  Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes: 
Over 500 Quick Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share  by Becky B. Baxa

No matter what your age, balloons are fun.


Balloons are fun to play with, look at and create with.

We know we can bounce them, stomp them, sit on them

and play volley ball with them,

 but here are a few more things to do with balloons. 

· Message Balloons

Write a message on a piece of paper.  Ideas:  Hug someone you like, sing a song, pat your head, hop on one foot, etc.  Fold this message and insert it into a balloon.  Decorate your balloon with a marker before you blow it up. After a game of Balloon Toss (keeping the balloon in the air as long as possible before  it touches the floor), pop your balloon and do whatever the message inside tells you to do. One or all of these should produce lots of laughter! 

· Static Electric Balloons

Can you make a balloon stick to your hair or a wall? Can you get it to pick up thread or some other lightweight object?  You can build a  negative electrical charge by rubbing an inflated balloon on someone’s hair. Tiny particles (electrons)  move from the hair to the balloon.  The balloon will now stick to various things.  How many things can you find that are uncharged that you can make it stick to?

· Singing Balloons

Who has not made funny noises with a deflating balloon’s “neck?”  Inflate a balloon but do not tie it.  Stretch its neck as the air escapes. You can make singing and silly noises. 

· Critters and Shapes

Twist and turn long skinny balloons to make animals and shapes.

· Floating/Flying Experiments            

             At our house, many boats and planes were created with the use of a balloon.  Not all of            the experiments worked, but it was fun and a good learning experience. 
             Give your older kids some balloons, tape and spare “parts” from their exploration play and let them create. Being the photo journalist for these experiences and encourager will be some of your favorite memories.



· Balloon Puppet

                 Blow up a balloon and draw a face on it.  Do not tie the balloon closed.  Deflate and       keep in your pocket. Then, pull out your “balloon buddy” whenever you need an attention getter.  This is especially fun and effective for transition between activities for younger children.  Older children will enjoy making their own balloon cast of characters. 
I used to sing a little tune, when the  balloon I called “Betty” wanted my  four year old preschool class to do something.   The words were: 
                                      “Betty Balloon, Betty Balloon,

                                       Betty Balloon says to….  (action desired).”
                  Action examples:  sit right down, come to me, pick up the toys, etc.
                      You can make up any tune, words, and name for your balloon.

This Blog Post is taken from the book:
    Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:
   Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share 
    by Becky B. Baxa
If you would like more fun ideas to share with your children
(that do not require batteries or electronics )
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