Yesterday was a picture perfect Autumn day.  The sun shone brightly on the emerging colors that announce that fall has arrived.  There was a brisk, cool breeze that nipped at your nose, made your hair fly around in crazy patterns and instinctively commanded you hug your jacket close around your neck.  The air smelled like fall.  How can you describe that?  You can just  tell there is a difference.  But the most incredible sign I noticed was the huge dark clouds that hovered and swirled in the clear blue sky.  Yes, fall had arrived.

An activity that can be done anywhere you can see the sky, for any age and for any amount of time is cloud watching.  The ultimate experience would be to bundle up in your favorite jacket, rake up a pile of ever emerging leaves and lay smack dab in the middle of that leaf pile on your back.  Of course, if you are in a geographic area that must worry about chiggers or ticks, make sure you apply insect repellent first.  As you lay on your bed of leaves begin to watch the “picture show” that is moving above your heads in the sky.  What animals or shapes can you find?  Can you make up a story about your clouds?  Take turns adding to the story until you have spun a yarn so tall you will double over with laughter.  Enjoy the show!

Can you find the heart?
What else do you see?

This Blog Post is inspired from the book:
Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:
Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share
by Becky B. Baxa
If you would like more fun ideas to share with your children
(that do not require batteries or electronics )
you can purchase this 180 page book,
full of color photos,
for $21.95
from the gift shop at Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, MO,
Silver Dollar City General Store in Branson, MO.
This book can also be checked out of the following libraries:
Scenic Regional Library – Pacific, MO
First Christian Church – Washington, MO
Hawaii State Library – Honolulu, HI
Story City Public Library – Story City, IA
Ellsworth Public Library – Ellsworth, ME
Ludington Public Library – Ludington, MI


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