Hearts, Hearts, Hearts… Valentines Activities

With Valentine’s Day approaching there are so many activities you can create!   Keep in mind that all of the ideas below can be done with other shapes as well, such as eggs, stars, circles, etc.     1.  Puzzle – Do you have two Valentine’s Day cards left over?  Why not create a puzzle?  Glue […]

Candy Canes Second Time Around!

There they sat.  Each time I opened the pantry the little pile seemed to beg me to pay attention. It was sad really.  A reminder of that warm, happy time of year that always produces feelings of love and joy.  And yet, this left-over pile that was a treat relished during the holiday season  sat abandoned […]

Where’s the Pair?

 Oh where, oh where, is my other green sock? Matching games build observation and classification skills through left–right association (for the socks and mittens), size relationship, and color differentiation.    You can match anything! Hearts, stars, Easter eggs, flowers, animals, socks, mittens, etc.     Younger children select one shape, then find the matching shape to make it a […]

Broken Hearts

    Broken Hearts Matching Game Create heart warming activities this Valentine’s Day  with red construction paper,stickers and a pair of scissors.  Here’s how: Idea Number One: Decide how many hearts you would like in your game.  Trace and cut out hearts that are all the same size.  Cookie cutters can be used to make a […]

Candy Cane Art

Did you have lots of candy canes left over from Christmas?   Are you tired of moving them around in your pantry?   Here is a way to “re-purpose” your extra candy canes. Use leftover candy canes to make hearts for Valentines’ Day. Use the hearts for creative name tags on gifts. Leave messages of love in […]