Broken Hearts Matching Game

Create heart warming activities this Valentine’s Day 
with red construction paper,stickers and a pair of scissors. 

Here’s how:

Idea Number One:
Decide how many hearts you would like in your game.  Trace and cut out hearts that are all the same size.  Cookie cutters can be used to make a heart shape.
Add a lipstick kiss in the middle of some hearts (or maybe just one!) and a Valentine’s sticker in the center of the remaining hearts.  Randomly cut the hearts apart using a different cut on each one.
Mix up the pieces and it is then time to let the children put the hearts back together.  
The kind of cut and the sticker in the middle give children clues on how the pieces fit together.
Storage:  Use an empty holiday candy container for storage and 
you have a game that will provide lots of fun for many years.

Idea Number Two:
Using a thick marker, trace a heart shape onto a piece of card stock (the back of a cereal or other food box would also work).
Cut out another heart the exact size from any color paper  (red, pink or lavender are nice colors for Valentine’s Day).
Cut out the colored heart in random pieces.  

*Remember the older the child the more pieces, the younger the child the less pieces. *

 A toddler may have 2 or 3 pieces, a five year old may have 6 or 7 pieces and an older child may have many more pieces.  Design your puzzle for the child’s age.
Put the puzzle together by placing the pieces inside your heart shape. 

STORAGE:  Pieces can be stored in a plastic storage bag or envelope.  
An envelope can be taped to the back of the puzzle board.  
A plastic bag can be attached at the corner with a brass fastener.

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