Oh where, oh where, is my other green sock?

Matching games build observation and classification skills through left–right association
(for the socks and mittens), size relationship, and color differentiation.   

You can match anything! Hearts, stars, Easter eggs, flowers, animals, socks, mittens, etc.

    Younger children select one shape, then find the matching shape to make it a pair.

    For the older child, make this simple matching game of finding two that are alike into a:

Lotto Game

     Objective:  To find the pictures that match and put into pairs. 
                       This game increases memory and observation skills.  

     Directions:  Players place all the cards face down in a pile.  Take turns trying to find a pair. 
                        If successful, the player gets to keep the pair and take another turn. 
                        If not, place the cards back into the pile face down.
                        Then the other player gets a turn.                 
                        Continue until all the pairs have been paired up.
                        The player with the most pairs wins the game. 


Directions on how to make your matching game:

 Use cookie cutters or stencils to trace and then cut out two matching shapes. 

Use:  old wallpaper books, cardstock, heavy wrapping paper or construction paper. Make as many pairs as you wish.

You can also use pictures:  photos, images from the computer, greeting cards etc.


Store your game in creative containers. 

A heart shaped box left over from a Valentine’s treat is fun to store matching hearts.

Empty metal containers that cookies and candy came packaged in, are great for storing games. 
You can also use envelopes, plastic sheet protectors, ziploc bags, etc.  Be creative.

Keep in mind… how you store games, activities and toys 

sends a silent message to your children on how that item should be treated. 

Nice container= treat the thing inside with care. 

Special storage containers also help children with clean up.  It becomes a matching game. 
Example:  storing small plastic animals in a container that has animals printed on the outside. 

If you are having trouble finding the perfect container, you can add your own pictures to containers to help children match what is being stored to the container. 

Evaluate every food container before your throw it away. Ask:  Can I use this to store something? 

Use pictures from the computer OR… take a photo of the actual toy then print the photo.
Cut it out and tape it onto the container with clear packing tape.

Creating matching games is only as endless as your imagination!  Having trouble thinking of more ideas?  Ask your children!  They are the best when it comes to creativity and imagination.  Have fun making these matching games TOGETHER and then playing with them.  Prepare yourself for many hours of fun!


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