Ways to Keep Your Kids Summer Safe, Fun and Productive

Hidden Splendor was recently contacted by http://mydadventures.com mydadventures offered an article that shared ideas and resources tohelp continue learning (in fun and creative ways) through the summer months for the school-age/older child. June, July and August provide opportunities for our children to continue learning in a non-school setting. This is ideal for the student who […]

Nature Detective

We are now in the heart  of fall, a beautiful season! Today’s activity is so simple you will wonder why you hadn’t thought of it… or maybe you have!  yea!    Grab a basket, shopping bag or some type of container with handles.   Grab a coat and bug spray, if needed, and head outside.   […]

Spring Has Sprung!

I love spring! Everything is fresh and new. The air smells clean with a hint of perfume. My lungs can’t seem to get enough of the sweet, fresh air as I take in gulps to quench the thirst ending the long days of Winter.   Warm rays of sunshine kiss my face and spring winds tease […]

Who Am I?

Do you have some old file folders?  Don’t throw them away! They can still provide some fun and entertainment for you kids. ยท Who am I?     Paste a large picture of an animal inside a used or new file folder.  Pictures can be found in magazines, calendars, computer, fronts of cereal boxes, or even old greeting […]

Cloud Picture Show

Yesterday was a picture perfect Autumn day.  The sun shone brightly on the emerging colors that announce that fall has arrived.  There was a brisk, cool breeze that nipped at your nose, made your hair fly around in crazy patterns and instinctively commanded you hug your jacket close around your neck.  The air smelled like fall.  How can you […]

The Power of Observation

  Family was all around and conversation turned to the car my youngest son drove.  I knew the make of the car and the color.  That was pretty impressive for me!  But then, a cousin asked if it had two or four doors.  Sounds like a simple enough question, yet I paused…I didn’t know the […]


The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooling off.  The intense heat of summer has left us once more.  For those who have been hiding inside in the air conditioning, it is time to go outside and play!  The change of the seasons is an exciting time of year.  Plants are making seeds, changing […]

Insects, Reptiles and Amphibians… Oh My!

  Summer has arrived and the great outdoors is bursting with life  that peaks the curiosity of young explorers!   Last week I was greeted by a tiny ring neck snake at the door of my barn.  He was smaller around than my little finger and about six inches long. He lifted his head to  inspect me, then quickly […]

Outdoor “Safari”

The sun shone brightly and the yard called me outdoors.  The ground was wet due to recent rain and all the plants were washed clean and turning a delightful shade of Spring green. Unexpected, delightful discoveries were found as I pulled weeds. Under one bush, two large eyes peeked out at me.  Only the slightest movement […]