Bird’s Nest Enhancers

For years we raised livestock…Saanen dairy goats, horse and pony and a calf here and there.  Naturally in the spring these animals would shed their winter coats in preparation for the long hot summer.  Many nights were spent combing and grooming the animals, including our dog and cats, in order to assist them in refining their […]

Yarn Dolls

  We visited a town festival where they had wonderful “old-fashioned” toy stations.  The stations were just packed with kids having fun.  So much for the “old-fashioned” part! I stood in line and impatiently waited my turn, for after all, age isn’t always determined by the chronological number.   When at last I stood at […]

Sewing Cards

As the holidays approach, it brings to mind an exciting activity to do with old greeting cards or those beautiful calendars once the year is over.   Lace-Up or Sewing Cards   Materials Needed:   1.  Greeting cards, old calendar pictures glued onto cardboard, food box panels 2.  hole punch 3.  yarn, cording or a long shoe lace […]