As the holidays approach, it brings to mind an exciting activity to do with old greeting cards
or those beautiful calendars once the year is over.

Lace-Up or Sewing Cards

Materials Needed:
1.  Greeting cards, old calendar pictures glued onto cardboard, food box panels
2.  hole punch
3.  yarn, cording or a long shoe lace
4.  scissors
5.  tape (masking or scotch) – not needed if a shoe lace is used
6.  glue if you need to mount a picture on cardboard
Select a picture from the front of an old card, a cardboard food box or a calendar picture that has been mounted on cardboard (cardboard from a food box can be used for this).  If the calendar is on stiff paper, mounting is not necessary.
Use a hole punch to make holes around the outside edge about 1/2 inch apart from each other and a quarter of an inch inside the outside edge.
If using yarn or cording, wrap masking or packing tape around the ends to make it stiff. Then it can be easily laced through the holes.
Take a shoelace or yarn to lace up the picture. You can go over the edge or lace it with an up and down stitch.
This activity develops fine motor skills.

Happy Sewing!

This Blog Post is inspired from the book:
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by Becky B. Baxa
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