We visited a town festival where they had wonderful “old-fashioned” toy stations. 
The stations were just packed with kids having fun.  So much for the “old-fashioned” part!
I stood in line and impatiently waited my turn, for after all, age isn’t always
determined by the chronological number.
When at last I stood at the front of the line I tried my hand at making a yarn doll. 
My companions waited patiently off to the side and knew it was pointless
to try to force me to miss this opportunity.
I followed instructions, but hurried as the children in line behind me were pressing
close with anticipation.  (yes, I was the only adult in line.)
It was a very simple process and quite easy.  Wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard, cutting yarn and tying knots were all the skills you needed.
Below are my results.
 I tried to get fancy by braiding the doll belows arms and leaving a full skirt. 
Samples showed dolls with braided arms and legs, faces and even hair. 

What fun – and how easy- it was to create a doll from scraps of yarn!
So, I came home and investigated some simple instructions for you to follow so you can make your own dolls.  Imagine the different colors, color combinations, features and sizes you could make.  Whole families with a mom, dad and different size kids.  Could you even make a dog, cat or horse? 
There was no sense in “reinventing the wheel”.  So for directions, follow the web site below
and before you know it you will be playing with your very own unique doll!
These dolls are great for traveling or tucking in a purse/pocket.
Why not try your hand at this and send me a picture of your dolls?

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