Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year?  It’s not too late to add one more.  
A resolution that will benefit you and your family forever.  
How much time do you spend each day interacting and communicating with your family?  
Spouse?  Children?  
Most people overestimate the number of minutes they spend daily with their loved ones. 
“Our greatest danger in life is in permitting the urgent things 
to  crowd out the important.”    
—Charles E.  Hummel
 “Before you move on, try this experiment. Set a timer for one minute (or have someone watch the second hand on a watch to help you).  Just sit or stand (don’t peek!) and experience what a minute feels like.   
Take note of when you think the minute is over.  Was it longer than you thought it would be?  
 Most people say “YES!”


Brainstorm ideas of what you could have done with your child in that minute. How many things can you think of to do in that length of time?  It can be as simple as counting, singing a song, counting how many seconds it takes the light to change to green, blowing bubbles, etc.   Pretty impressive, huh?

We often think that quality time takes too much quantity of time, effort or even money!

But, it only takes a collection of minutes invested EVERY DAY to make wonderful memories and build stronger, deeper relationships.

“If you remember back to your most pleasant childhood memories, they probably didn’t  involve the big things. You might have remembered the little, simple, uncomplicated, consistent interactions with the adults you love.  It was the little pieces you saved and treasured that produced the beautiful memory quilt of your life.”
Wishing you many magical moments!
Source:  Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes by Becky B. Baxa  page 9

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