For years, when the kids were younger, we had a family tradition between Christmas and New Years Day. Granny would arrive with a bag full of pine cones she had collected from her yard in the fall and we would begin mass production of bird feeders. Each person had a job and an assembly line was formed. Bird seed and peanut butter ended up everywhere, but by the end of the day we had trays of luscious feeders adorned with red yarn hangers.

Distribution was a big deal as the trays were carried ceremoniously out to the yard
to decorate a tree for the birds.


On the years we had a
real Christmas tree; we would “plant” it in a snow bank or set it in
its stand in a bird friendly place and decorate away!
Then as the days passed, we spent hours at the window watching the birds
 enjoy their “Christmas” tree gift from us.

Pine Cone Feeder – Directions


Tie a piece of brightly colored yarn
around the top of a pine cone. We like to use red because it makes the tree
look more festive after decorating it for the birds. But, any color or
combination of colors may be used. Make a loop from the yarn to use as a
hanger. Fill a 9×13 cake pan or large non-breakable bowl with bird seed. With a butter knife, spread
peanut butter on all sides of your pine cone and then roll it in the birdseed.
Push the covered pine cone deeply into the birdseed so the birds have a
thick layer of seed to pick from.

A finished bird seed pine cone BIRD FEEDER

Alternative: If you just want to make a couple of pine cone feeders you can hang them outside one at a time on a bird friendly tree branch or garden hook in a place easily seen from a window.


Watch the birds enjoy this special treat!






Another Bird Feeder Idea:



  • Orange-Half
    Feeder Directions
Cut an orange in half. Scoop out the pulp for a salad
or snack. Fill the skin with bird seed. Set outside in a bird friendly area.




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