There are a variety of ways to make a puppet
… fist, finger, paper sack, balloon, sock, envelope, glove etc.
For ideas on how to make these kind of puppets see: 
Miraculous, Magical, Moments in Minutes:  Over 500 activities for Adults and Children to Share
by Becky B. Baxa  pages 61-65. 
This book is available on Amazon.com and Etsy.com

Another exciting puppet is as close as your kitchen utensil drawer…

the wooden spoon!


Where to find your wooden spoons: 
Wooden spoons can be purchased at dollar or discount stores, resale shops or garage sales. 
Or, maybe you would like to get rid of a few in your utensil drawer that don’t look so great anymore.
wooden spoon (s) and your creativity
Supply Ideas
glue, tape, pieces of yarn, felt, ribbon, fabric or felt scraps, construction or tissue  paper, markers and/or paints, googly eyes, colored chenille wires, Popsicle sticks, etc.  
Directions:  First decide what type of puppets you would like to make…people, animals, smiley faces, your favorite story book characters, family members, made up characters, etc.  Then start searching for things around the house that would work to make your puppet.  Desk drawers, craft and sewing supplies, left over pieces from other craft projects are all great places to look.  Let your imagination and creativity go! 
For example:  You would like to make someone that has blond hair and glasses and loves purple.  So, go on a hunt for yellow yarn or marker, a chenille wire or small piece of wire for glasses (or they can be drawn on with a marker) and some purple fabric or felt.  
If you decide to paint the entire spoon, a hairdryer can be used to speed the drying process.
charlottesfancy.com                                                                                  www.wikihow.com
The spoon can be pushed through the center of a soft airy sponge to form a body.
A Popsicle stick or colored chenille wire make great arms. Attach with a wire bread twist tie, yarn, string or a rubber band.
Creation Ideas:
  • Design puppets to match the characters in your favorite book and then retell the story.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  •  Make up crazy characters, write a play and perform it for the family or your friends.
  • A fun puppet stage can be created with an empty cereal box.  Cut the back out and a window in the front.  Decorate as desired.  You are ready for a puppet show!  Place the “stage” on the edge of a table.  Stand behind the box, or sit on a chair as you perform your play.
  • You can also use a window as your puppet stage.
Alternative Idea:
Plastic spoons make great puppets also!
There are many different colors of plastic spoons that could be used to create a fun cast of characters. Faces can be added with a permanent marker.
Make a spoon for all kinds of different emotions.

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