You’ve Got Mail

Last week we discussed the value and benefits of dramatic play in a child’s life.   I would like to share a spontaneous dramatic play adventure that I experienced  recently with my grandson.  This scenario is shared with you to illustrate just how easy, fast and wonderful dramatic play can be.   We arrived home and entered […]

Let’s Pretend

Pretending, imaginative or role playing is a vital component of children’s play.   I remember when my children were young, my husband traveled extensively.  The boys spent hours setting up “airports” with cardboard conveyor belts to push their suitcases on and chairs set up for seats in an airplane. They issued tickets with old boarding passes and labeled luggage […]

Yarn Dolls

  We visited a town festival where they had wonderful “old-fashioned” toy stations.  The stations were just packed with kids having fun.  So much for the “old-fashioned” part! I stood in line and impatiently waited my turn, for after all, age isn’t always determined by the chronological number.   When at last I stood at […]

A Cardboard Box… let the magic begin!

A new appliance has joined the family and you are getting ready to throw out the packing material.  After all… It’s just a cardboard box… STOP! Don’t throw it away. Create, pretend and play first! If you aren’t in the market for a new appliance, do not fear.  Contact any store that sells appliances and […]

Cardboard Box Fun!

It looks like an ordinary cardboard box… But, to a child is becomes a… fort space ship garage secret hide-out boat car play house maze etc.   Years ago we had just moved to another state.  Many things weren’t unpacked yet and I was looking for something creative for the kids to do.  So, we […]

Fun With Masking Tape

Bored?  Don’t know what to do?   If you have a roll of masking tape you can have hours of fun! Try a few of these ideas: 1.  Create a giant boat, tree, rocket ship etc. on the floor and play inside your pretend item!       This is a very simple, but powerful was to engage children in […]

Wooden Spoon Puppets

    Puppets   There are a variety of ways to make a puppet … fist, finger, paper sack, balloon, sock, envelope, glove etc.   For ideas on how to make these kind of puppets see:  Miraculous, Magical, Moments in Minutes:  Over 500 activities for Adults and Children to Share by Becky B. Baxa  pages […]