Hearts, Hearts, Hearts… Valentines Activities

With Valentine’s Day approaching there are so many activities you can create!   Keep in mind that all of the ideas below can be done with other shapes as well, such as eggs, stars, circles, etc.     1.  Puzzle – Do you have two Valentine’s Day cards left over?  Why not create a puzzle?  Glue […]

Match-Making Game

Match-Making Game or Lotto Game Build children’s memory skills as well as cooperation, when played with more than one child.   Materials Needed Lids – from the top of frozen juice containers, or any other lid from a food container that is clean and free of sharp edges. If you have a can-opener that leaves […]

Eggcitement with Plastic Eggs

Spring is a time of fresh new beginnings.   Baby animals and birds are being born. Plants poke their heads up through the ground after a long Winter’s nap.  They shed their warm coats, opening up their buds to unfurl leaves and blossom into delights for our senses.    For the Christian faith, Easter eggs symbolize the […]

Where’s the Pair?

 Oh where, oh where, is my other green sock? Matching games build observation and classification skills through left–right association (for the socks and mittens), size relationship, and color differentiation.    You can match anything! Hearts, stars, Easter eggs, flowers, animals, socks, mittens, etc.     Younger children select one shape, then find the matching shape to make it a […]

Broken Hearts

    Broken Hearts Matching Game Create heart warming activities this Valentine’s Day  with red construction paper,stickers and a pair of scissors.  Here’s how: Idea Number One: Decide how many hearts you would like in your game.  Trace and cut out hearts that are all the same size.  Cookie cutters can be used to make a […]