I close my eyes and listen…

A strong steady beat rings loudly to my left.  I never noticed the clock ticking so loudly.  The air conditioning is running, there is a forced air sound coming from the vents.  There is another deeper sound I can’t identify and if I am not mistaken a bird just chirped outside my window.  The Grandfather clock sings out the chimes…oh!  it is three quarters of the hour.  The tap of the keyboard keys sound different from the push on the space bar.

Sounds… they are all around us, yet we often don’t pay attention to many of them.

Have you ever noticed that if you close your eyes the sounds around you seem to be amplified?  When one sense is taken away the other senses have heightened awareness.

Listening Activity

Pick a location to sit in a comfortable spot.  Close your eyes and start listening.  Keep count of how many sounds you hear and what they sound like.  You could set a timer or “play it by ear” :-).

After you have opened your eyes, compare how many different sounds were heard.  Were all the sounds identified?  Did everyone hear the same thing?

Try this inside.  Compare the sounds in different rooms or the difference between the basement, attic and/or garage. 

Listen outside.  Compare being in the country to the city.  Compare daytime to the night.  You will be amazed at the sounds you hear in the evening and early morning.  Compare and contrast the differences.  Experiment with different locations and times.

Have fun!

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