The kids want a snack.. You want them to eat nutritiously…  They need a little fun and excitement  along with an activity to exert some of their abundance of physical energy.    Below is a perfect solution! It takes just a little time, but produces big results. It is also an activity that can be made independently […]

You’ve Got Mail

Last week we discussed the value and benefits of dramatic play in a child’s life.   I would like to share a spontaneous dramatic play adventure that I experienced  recently with my grandson.  This scenario is shared with you to illustrate just how easy, fast and wonderful dramatic play can be.   We arrived home and entered […]

Let’s Pretend

Pretending, imaginative or role playing is a vital component of children’s play.   I remember when my children were young, my husband traveled extensively.  The boys spent hours setting up “airports” with cardboard conveyor belts to push their suitcases on and chairs set up for seats in an airplane. They issued tickets with old boarding passes and labeled luggage […]

Bugs & Beasties

A perfect 72 degrees, the heavens filled with twinkling stars and the serenade of tree frogs filled the air.  The sweet aroma of the buds bursting into daily new eye candy assaulted the senses and I sighed in peace.  This was a perfect night.  And then I saw it… a flash of light so quick that I […]

Match-Making Game

Match-Making Game or Lotto Game Build children’s memory skills as well as cooperation, when played with more than one child.   Materials Needed Lids – from the top of frozen juice containers, or any other lid from a food container that is clean and free of sharp edges. If you have a can-opener that leaves […]

Quick, Easy Christmas Activities

  During the Christmas season, life can become hectic, to say the least.  But, it is important to remember not to let the urgent things keep you away from the important things. Take time to play with your kids each day.  Here are a few quick, easy, fun ideas.  If you have older children they […]

Sewing Cards

As the holidays approach, it brings to mind an exciting activity to do with old greeting cards or those beautiful calendars once the year is over.   Lace-Up or Sewing Cards   Materials Needed:   1.  Greeting cards, old calendar pictures glued onto cardboard, food box panels 2.  hole punch 3.  yarn, cording or a long shoe lace […]

Stencil Sensation!

  A freshly sharpened pencil…a new box of colored pencils some paper… add a stencil or two and… Let the fun creations begin!   Your kitchen houses all types of stencils that can be used or created in minutes.   Try these common items as stencils.   Plastic lids from food containers (cottage cheese, yogurt, […]