Traditional Turkey Hand Print

The traditional hand print turkey never gets old.  That is why each year we revisit this simple, easy, quick and fun activity that can include every member of the family from young to old!  This is a classic treasure!  Each year when my kids were little we would make a hand print turkey. The boys would […]

More Than a Piece of Chalk

Chalk… a stick of originally white porous sedimentary carbonate rock.  A form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite.  It gets on our fingers and clothes and now , a popular children’s “toy” available in a rainbow of colors for children to play with each summer. Such a scientific description for a whole lot of […]

Leaf Rubbings

There was  crispness in the air this morning with a promise that fall was approaching.  As I drove down the lane tiny shivers of joy ran up my body as I gazed at my favorite maple tree.  It was starting to change colors! It is by far the Queen of Fall trees and never fails […]


  Movement caught my eye.   A flash of color burst open and then floated away.  Butterflies had arrived!   Such incredible colors.  Such amazingly graceful movement.  Such a wonder to behold.   Photo property of Hidden Splendor Publishing ©     As butterflies float on summer breezes it is a great time to incorporate butterfly […]

Spring Has Sprung!

I love spring! Everything is fresh and new. The air smells clean with a hint of perfume. My lungs can’t seem to get enough of the sweet, fresh air as I take in gulps to quench the thirst ending the long days of Winter.   Warm rays of sunshine kiss my face and spring winds tease […]

Stencils… only a container away!

Stencils   I was about to throw away the cottage cheese carton when my hand stopped mid-air! Out whisked the cookie cutters, a marker, a small exacto knife, a cutting board and WAH-LA a stencil was born.                            Use a lid from the peanut butter jar, cool whip carton, yogurt, cottage cheese  or any […]

Stencil Sensation!

  A freshly sharpened pencil…a new box of colored pencils some paper… add a stencil or two and… Let the fun creations begin!   Your kitchen houses all types of stencils that can be used or created in minutes.   Try these common items as stencils.   Plastic lids from food containers (cottage cheese, yogurt, […]

The Hidden Designs in Your Veggies!

    Including vegetables in your family meal adds both color and nutrition!    Next time you cut up a vegetable, before you throw away the vegetable wastes, why not plan to add a little extra fun to the after dinner entertainment.    Extend the life of those vegetables that are:  slightly brown   wrinkled  shriveled etc. […]

Candy Cane Art

Did you have lots of candy canes left over from Christmas?   Are you tired of moving them around in your pantry?   Here is a way to “re-purpose” your extra candy canes. Use leftover candy canes to make hearts for Valentines’ Day. Use the hearts for creative name tags on gifts. Leave messages of love in […]