Including vegetables in your family meal adds both color and nutrition!
 Next time you cut up a vegetable, before you throw away the vegetable wastes,
why not plan to add a little extra fun
to the after dinner entertainment. 
Extend the life of those vegetables that are:
 slightly brown
to create 

Beautiful Painted Pictures!

Don’t forget the ends of veggies that you cut off also. 
They may be hiding a great design for you to discover.
Here are a few ideas to start with.

Pepper Shamrocks

Celery Roses

If you take a close look at the end of a celery bunch you will see that it has a striking resemblance to a rose!


Celery Fish

Create fish scales with a rib of celery.

Okra Flowers





Potato Cookie Cutter Shapes

Cut a potato in half. Cut out a shape from the flat side. Cookie cutters are useful to help make a pattern. Add a large drop of paint and use the potato as a stamp on a piece of paper.

Your own designs can be created also.
Source: Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share by Becky B. Baxa page 161


A sharp knife is safer than one that is dull. 

ALWAYS USE ADULT SUPERVISION and design your activities to make them age appropriate for your child!

 For smaller children, adults will cut the vegetables and the children will make suggestions and paint.  Older children can make their own designs as they learn to use a paring knife safely.

Experiment with other vegetables also.  What designs can you discover hidden in your veggies?
Follow the websites listed as photo sources and explore other great ideas too!

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