A freshly sharpened pencil…a new box of colored pencils
some paper…
add a stencil or two and…

Let the fun creations begin!


Your kitchen houses all types of stencils that can be used or created in minutes.

Try these common items as stencils.
  • Plastic lids from food containers (cottage cheese, yogurt, butter/margarine) with a design cut out of the middle.  Use cookie cutters to help create a design on the lid and and use a sharp utility knife on a cutting board to cut out the shape.The shape you cut out becomes a stencil as well as the lid itself.  (shown in the photo above)

  • The inside ring of the roll of masking or scotch tape (pictured in the center of the large circle stencil in the photo above).
  • A pasta measurer (Shown in the upper middle of above picture.  It has four holes.)
  • The lids off of any container or bottle
  • A plastic cup or plate
  • Plastic storage containers and lids 
  • A food box that has a “window”. Cut out the side of the box with the opening and then remove the cellophane covering the opening. This results in an instant stencil.
  • Cookie Cutters make great stencils too!


 Let your imagination go wild and see what happens!

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