Let’s continue on with last week’s blog entry.  After all, the simple smile is probably the fastest, easiest thing you can do, yet it is often them most overlooked
in our hurry up, electronic, screen based society.
Here is a quote from one of my favorite books.  🙂
“Smiles are such an amazing, wonderful thing. It doesn’t cost anything, you never run out of them when giving them away and you never tire of receiving them.  If you give one away you are not more poor.  Yet if you get a smile you are somehow richer, boosting you up and filling you with happiness.  A smile only takes a minute, but the memory of that smile may last  a lifetime. The amazing thing about smiles is that when you give one away, it somehow makes you feel just as happy as the person you gave it to.  A smile tells someone that you like them, that you are friends, it communicates good will and   acceptance.  A smile makes the home a happier place to be and  business more pleasant.  A   simple smile cheers you up, pushes away sadness or fears, gives encouragement and makes  pain and trouble a whole lot easier to deal with.  You can not buy a smile  or steal one.  A smile  has no value at all until it is given freely and lovingly away or until it is received.  What an amazing, simple action. Yet it carries such a huge value! 
Why not give some smiles away today?  Your happiness tank will be filled as you fill-up         the tanks of those around you!  It has been said that a smile  is worth a THOUSAND words!  Proverbs 17:22  (NIV) says:  “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  A smile is like good medicine.  It makes us cheerful.  Even if you don’t really “feel” like smiling, if you try it for awhile, most of the time,  you begin to feel happier as a   result. It will make people wonder what you have been up to.  
Make some smile coupons and give them  to your children. Use them  to help ease stressful situations, during trials and disappointments. Could you stay upset  if your child pulled out a coupon and  handed it to you?  Do you think you might get a smile from a sad child if you     presented a coupon out of your pocket especially for them?  You don’t even need a physical coupon.  Every parents pockets can be filled with an endless supply of smiles to share with  children at a needed time.  Just reach inside your pocket, pretend to dig deep looking for the perfect smile and “ta-da!” pull out their uniquely designed smile just for them!”
Give it a try! 
  Gather up crayons, colored pencils, stencils and paper; and,  organize a family event.
Have everyone create their own personalized smile coupons. 
 Here is an example



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